03Writing is actively taught across all lessons both as a discrete skill and in many cross-curricular contexts.

In the beginning, writing is the transcription of the phonics taught for reading. Correct letter formation and handwriting techniques for later learning are established early. Spellings are taught in sequence as set out in the national curriculum.

Written composition begins with the structure of sentences and the early skills linked to planning (drafting), writing and checking (editing) their own work. Wherever practical we teach writing as a life skill embedded in range of real contexts that tie in to class topics and themes. In order that children write with accuracy and correctly we teach new vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in line with the age-related expectations set out in the national curriculum.

We teach the development of writing through modelled and shared work. They then demonstrate these skills independently in their own writing. As these techniques grow year on year, building on what they have learnt, our children emerge as confident, enthusiastic writers.